The return of sisterhood to the silver screen.

“If Not Now, When? introduces us to Suzanne (Meagan Good), Patrice (Tamara Bass), Tyra and Deirdre, who have been friends since meeting at 14. Over the course of their lives, fights, disagreements and love have caused friction and distance to manifest between some of them. When Tyra, who is mother to 14 year old Jillian, suffers a crisis, all four women are drawn back together and soon discover that they not only need each other, but also need that sisterhood, to make it through what is currently happening in their individual lives.

Tears, laughter and most importantly heart are at the center of this poignant drama. “If Not Now, When? captures the essence of those female bonding movies that were prevalent in the 90’s, while telling a story that is stirring and will most certainly tug at your emotions

With Meagan Good and Tamara Bass.

Trailer (coming soon)