Cleaning House is a film that challenges the film noir thriller genre while staying true to the form: we plan to take each role and cast it against type, gender, and sexuality.

Nan, who would have been a sexy femme fatale in the 50’s version, now behaves like a man, swapping vulnerability for arrogance, and perfume for Vodka. Max, who would have been the hard drinking hard boiled hero, is now what the less aware would call “feminine”: where Nan is the unfaithful breadwinner, Max holds down the household duties and looks for work. Hen-pecked from the start, Max will slowly begin to challenge his wife, and the inverse stereotypes we have created.

We will also introduce the complexities of race into the dynamics’ of multi-racial couples. By exploring these characters motivations, we are able to play with the genre and bring a subtle, yet deeply interesting dynamic to the film.